What separates good coaching from great coaching?

It starts by having the insights and secrets of the best in the game at your fingertips…

What steps can you take to “level up” your coaching career?

Great coaches NEVER stop learning. Neither should you. Others like Pitino, Severns, Beilein, Bennett and Stevens and an army of others have paved your way–as you’re about to see…

How can you accelerate your coaching journey?

You’re about to discover the “fast track” to coaching success. Playbooks. Videos. Thousands of pages of Clinic Notes. It’s all inside waiting for you.

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Hey Coach,

My name’s Scott Peterman. I’m the creator of the “Library of Basketball Coaching”.

I’ve coached at just about every level at one point or another during my career.  Not only do I love the game of basketball, but along the way, I’ve become a true student of the game.

I know just how hard it can be to come up with ways to get your team to win more often.

When I started this project, my primary mission was to provide my fellow coaches with access to the very best in basketball coaching knowledge.  Instantly.

And I insisted that nothing stand in your way- Especially cost. I believe I’ve succeeded in creating the most complete and affordable coaching resource in the sport today.

No matter what topic you’re researching.

No matter what challenges you and your players face.

No matter what coaching philosophy you believe in, the Library of Basketball Coaching is the answer you’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand-new coach, just getting your feet wet or a seasoned vet looking to stay on top, having access to the plays, schemes, offenses, defenses and drills of the teams that we see winning year after year is priceless.
Let’s face it, your job is to help your players win more games.

They’ll only improve as rapidly as you do.
The Library contains dozens of playbooks, countless “on the court” videos and literally thousands of pages of clinic notes from Elite Camps, NBA teams, the top-tier college teams across the NCAA as well as professionals from Europe and Australia.
They’re all here to contribute to your development as a leader and coach.
Gone are the days of wasting countless hours scouring YouTube for that one video…

The Library of Basketball Coaching is now the premier resource for any coach looking to “level up” his or her skill set.

Knowing exactly how to react when your opponent throws you a curve, give you and your players the confidence you need to win more games. Now, you’ll never have to worry about being “outcoached” again.
If you can master the balance between running what you do well and adding in the right mix of new plays, you will greatly increase your chances of long-term success and staying power.

In short, you create your own unique approach to winning. This builds confidence within you, your players, the parents in the stands and the administration.

Education and implementation are how championships are won!

Now it’s time to dig in…